5 Tips To Choose Perfect Colour For Your Home

In very simple words, a home is a place where humans live in. They use it as a shelter for themselves and their own family. This is the primary purpose of a home. Since humans have a tendency to be creative, some of them like to decorate it as per their likes and dislikes; some of them keep it as it is and don't pay attention to much of the decorations. Some want their home to be beautiful and colourful, and some like it plain. Some want to hang as many sceneries and decorations as possible; some look for the perfect furniture for it. Nonetheless, the home has a very special place in people's hearts. This is where their family is, their childhood, and their memories are. Home has a physical location as well as an emotional attachment to it. It is where our hearts and minds feel at ease at the end of the busy and hectic schedules, at the end of long days. Coming home must always feel safe. To make it feel safe, humans do a lot of things. One of them is painting it according to their preferences and interests. 

Therefore, here are five tips for choosing the perfect colour for your own home.

1. One that goes with your aesthetic: 

Choosing a colour for your home has never been an easy job. The easiest thing you can do to pick a colour is first to understand your own aesthetic, your own likes and dislikes. Making sure you paint your home as per your likes makes you want to go back to it at the end of the day because it feels like you, it makes you feel safe, and you can be yourself. A lot don't focus on this aspect and go with the best colour they like. Your aesthetic should be the first step to a colourful home. So, start understanding yourself now because you don't want to seem out of place once you reach your own home.

2. Do not go for dark colours:

Yes, dark colours look very bold and beautiful, but they can be intimidating at the same time. Sometimes it just makes the home look dull. Once you figure out your aesthetic, make sure the colour matches it but also keep in mind to go for a colour which is soft-looking and light. Light shades or pastel colours are good to go with. Dark colours also tend to wear off quickly, so you would not want to paint them again and again. One major drawback of painting your home dark is that it makes your home or that particular room look small. Your room is supposed to look spacious and inviting; dark colours do the opposite of that. It will make your room look small and uninviting.

3. Choose a colour which will compliment your furniture:

Depending on the type of furniture you have, choose the colour accordingly. Some people have light-coloured furniture; some have dark ones, some of the furniture is made out of plywood, and some of it is made out of actual mahogany wood, which makes it look darker in the shade. You can pair opaque and bold but light colours with dark furniture, and you can go with pastel shades with light ones. If you are repainting your home, look for colours that are best suited to the furniture, and if you have a new home and you are planning to rebuild it, you can first paint your home as per your preferences and then buy furniture accordingly. 

4. Choose a colour that would complement your wall hangings and paintings:

A lot of people do not consider wall hangings and paintings while colouring their homes. This should also be important because even they are a part of your interests and can make your efforts look good or bad. Understanding the type of wall hangings you have can play a major role in choosing the perfect colour. Whether they are small or big, where they are, how are they hung, how many are there, what type they are, every question should be answered? Looking for the perfect colour is not easy, but it is definitely worth the time and effort. 

5. The way you are painting the home:

A lot of people have this idea of painting different colours in different rooms, but sometimes it looks out of place, not because the colour is not good enough, but because it is visible that they either did not put as much time and effort as required or lack the creative skills needed for it. Colouring your own home should also look consistent throughout the rooms. Some people go for a safe way and pick one colour and then paint it all throughout their home. The ones who want to paint different colours in different rooms should make sure the colours belong to the same category or are similar in some way or the other. This will definitely make your home look beautiful and inviting at the same time.

Some people are very focused on furniture, some people on paintings, and some people on decorations, but a lot of them forget about the importance of colours. It makes your home look lively and beautiful. It brings life to your house. Experimenting with different colours is never a bad idea, but doing it in a smart way will help you in many ways. Even though there are many ways in which you can choose the perfect colour for your home, at the end of the day, it is your choice, and it all comes down to you. Your interests, likes and dislikes, and preferences, all play a major role in this process. But if you are still confused or are not able to understand what you should choose, there are designers out there willing to help you with it. Putting a little effort into it will not harm anyone because it is you who has to come back from a long day of work to a home which is waiting for you since you left.


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