Five ideas to decorate your garden plot on your balcony

Balcony gardens are probably the best start-off points in a journey of advanced gardening. Balconies are small spaces usually attached to a room; they are easier to transform and take care of if one wishes to. The simplest way to transform your balcony is by utilizing its space for a garden, as gardens require adequate air and sunlight to thrive. So balcony gardens are probably the best of all ideas! It is exciting and thrilling to create your own garden with just a few simple tools and a little hard work. It is important to ensure that every product being bought is of very good quality, as we are talking about living beings who are to be nourished with these products! Be sure to include these ideas while moving towards your journey of balcony gardens!

     1. A balcony rug

A balcony rug is important to keep your floor clean, especially useful for tiled floors as the soil from plants often accumulates into the spaces between tiles. However, keeping the rug clean is also important, so you can skip the idea if that is too much hassle for you. You can also use some wooden planters; some come attached and come in the market. You can buy those for an easier cleaning up process as well. A balcony rug is only required to keep the floor clean, as it can accumulate dust, soil and even insects which can creep on your clothes if you choose to hang them there.

     2. A metal plant holder stand

Plant holders are quite feasible. They help to declutter the balcony space by holding several plants, giving an organized appearance to the area. Placing plants on these stands also reduces soil accumulation or insects crawling. Additionally, water given to plants does not clog below the plant pots but can easily drip out as they are high above the ground! Plant holders also help accurately space the pots and keep a healthy distance between plants. Additionally, the risk of birds spoiling your plants is greatly reduced if the plants are covered at all levels. Make sure to invest in a good metal staircase plant holder, as low-quality ones can tarnish the holder.

     3. Hanging plant pots

Hanging plant pots look very beautiful when used. They come in various shapes, sizes and vibrant colours. Buying different shades of these pots would be a wonderful idea as they radiate positive energy in the area. You often want to step onto the balcony to feel good about your garden by looking at it. Hanging pots should be fastened around your balcony railing tightly to reduce their chances of falling off. If that is not done, the pots may break off, hurting the plant and creating a huge mess on the floor! It would be even better if you fasten the pots inwards, so they face towards your house and not outside. This way, even if they fall, the risk of getting hurt is lowered, and also, you would be able to observe your plants adequately.

     4. Vegetable garden container

Growing vegetables on your own are probably the best thing one can do. Growing your vegetables can be a wonderful feeling of self-sufficiency! One can grow anything ranging from spinach, coriander, onions, tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, curry leaves, basil, neem, and so on. It would be best to grow many leafy vegetables and whole ones to be self-sufficient. But planting them in different containers can take up a lot of space. Here is when long vegetable garden containers come to the rescue. These are long and deep and have enough space to fit in large amounts of soil and grow multiple vegetables simultaneously. These come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Vegetable containers give beautiful energies, and you will love them once they are planted. Additionally, these containers are quite easily available and are affordable as well. They organize the entire space and do not contribute to creating any mess. 

     5. Seating space

Finally, you should leave some space for chairs, sitting rugs, or even a small table. These would enable anyone to enjoy the balcony garden by sitting there with a cup of their favourite beverage! If the space allows, you can even fit in a Yoga mat for some beautiful asanas or any other workout. Working out in between greenery is the best activity one can do. It greatly helps with mental and physical health. After all, nature is something humans are bound to be with; we love it and can not deny it. So why not utilize whatever space we have to convert it into greenery? Balcony gardens are not just for plants to thrive; we can even sit and enjoy their views. 

So, one thing is clear: balconies should be utilized for gardening! Why? Because these are one source of positivity in our homes. Right from the process of buying new planters, seeds, compost, holders etc., to the end, when you are done setting everything up, you will love it! Take breaks when you feel like it, then return to it until it is finished. A feeling of accomplishment is achieved once your garden is ready. The greenery around us provides adequate support for our mental health. Also, due to rising pollution levels every day, more and more greenery would only mean purifying the air around us. At least the indoor air can be of better quality. This way, even our physical health will improve. Taking care of your plants is also quite therapeutic; we feel love for our plants. Even while planting vegetables and then harvesting them when it is time is a wonderful feeling. It is beautiful even to observe our plants grow and fulfil their needs by looking at what nutrients they lack. Be sure to buy good quality manures and composts for you plants. One can also make DIY fertilizers using ingredients like lemons and baking soda or can also use leftover food to create manure and provide nutrients to the soil. Happy balcony planting!

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