5 Most Reliable Skincare Brands

Skincare has been highly focused upon since ancient times. People used to use all sorts of things available to them back then. From plant leaves to soil, people knew the individual qualities of these and how it is going to affect them once used. Things have changed now, society and science have evolved a lot, and there have been rigorous experiments going on occasionally to produce skincare suited to different skin types. From cleansers and toners to moisturizers, everything is made after a lot of studies. The brands have their own team of scientists who work on it individually to bring out the perfect product required. They do tests, conduct research on skin, understand what is going on under the layer and build the product bit by bit. Caring for the skin is very important nowadays, as it can save the skin from illnesses, relieve skin problems, make the skin look healthy and clean and reduce any tiredness and dullness, and to top all of that, make an individual feel refreshed throughout the day. It somehow brings out a person’s natural beauty. As we put a conscious effort into caring for our skin, we look for the brand that is best suited for our skin type. There are countless brands available that can shock you in different ways, but choosing a brand that perfectly fits you is important too. 

So, here are the top 5 skincare brands that can be most reliable for you.

1. The ordinary:

This is a Canadian brand which provides a wide range of products from skincare, makeup, and hair to body solutions. It uses all dermatologically tested chemicals best suited for different skin types. The ingredients that are used are of high quality, and the price is low or affordable as compared to other brands. Its main approach to skincare is typical science-based and quality driven. The product of this brand can be found in any local drugstore or their own stores. It is available everywhere.

2. Neutrogena:

This brand calls itself a dermatologically recommended skincare brand; therefore, there is no doubt that it would come out as a good brand to people. This American company that comes under the parent company Johnson & Johnson has a reputed image in the skincare market. It also provides a wide range of skincare products suited for all skin types. This brand, too, like the other brands, is very serious about its quality and quantity. Their products can be found again in any store near you or their own stores too. 

3. Cetaphil:

Not a lot of people are aware of this brand due to the minimal promotions done, but this is considered to be a good and reliable skincare brand. The products of these brands are also affordable. The packaging might throw some people off a little because it is not as exquisite as the other brands mentioned here, but nonetheless, it does make it look like something to try. It is a very science-driven brand too, and this is understood by looking at it as well. It has a wide range of products for different and specific skin types. Getting products from this brand would definitely not disappoint you. The products can be found in their own stores or local stores if there are any, or you can try them off of online sites. 

4. Olay:

We have all heard about this brand. From seeing its advertisements on television to looking at its posters in random places, this brand has grown on us. This brand was launched in India under the parent company P&G back in 2007. Since then, it has been heavily relied upon. There won't be a single household that has not used its products even once. Even this brand offers a wide range of products that are suited for a wide range of skin types. The skin care is dermatologically tested. The products are high-quality driven. It can be found in any local drugstore near you, or you can look for their products online. 

5. Minimalist:

Giving the perfect start to your own skin can be done by starting from this brand. This Indian-origin brand has the best-suited skincare range for all Indian skin types. It hasn't been long since its launch, and it already has gained a lot of fame. The products are of high quality and are all dermatologically tested. Skincare takes time to provide results, but it certainly does after a point if you are up for that much patience. This brand is also not up for disappointment. Their products can be found heavily online and also in their own stores.

Skincare usually involves three primary and very important steps- cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Each of them has its own benefits. Steps and products can then be added as per the requirements of the individuals. Different people have different routines for their skin, and they mic different brands to get their desired results because that works for them the best. It highly depends on what they like and how they experiment with the products available to them. A pretty large amount of people would have come across these brand names. Reliability comes from how much it has been used and how many times the results have been positive or the same. All these brands have a wide range of products and are suited for all skin types. They have been highly promoted and have their market value and identity. Therefore, they can be considered reliable. Skincare is essential and must be a part of your routine life. It is available for all sorts of income groups, skin types, preferences, etc. Understanding your own skin is the first step to take. Some of them might have advantages over others, but it depends on the individual preference. The prices do vary from product to product, but they are affordable, and without thinking too much, an individual can surely go ahead and purchase the products from the above-mentioned brands. 

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