Top 5 Makeup Trends in 2022 So Far

Our history is replete with references to beauty, from mythology and folklore to real-life beauty queens who lived in the past and present. People are always judging each other on how they look, and having the perfect face, hair, eyes and a lovely overall appearance will immensely boost one's confidence and help you put your best foot forward. When you step out and meet people, they first see your face, which makes so many women very self-conscious. It pays to have a day-to-day skin maintenance routine which can help take care of your skin. 

Your skin is presumably the largest and most sensitive organ in your body, yet numerous people ignore its thought. Our skin buckles down daily to defend our bodies from destructive elements. Managing your skin and cultivating a skin well-being routine is huge because it can help this organ deal with its business better and longer. On the unlikely chance that you aren't convinced that skin well-being in the boarding routine is huge, research why your skin well-being routine is critical and something that would justify concentration and time. Beauty has always been coveted one way or another from days of yore. Having cosmetic products that can help you feel beautiful and confident is very important to have. Makeup can make you feel confident and give you a new personality that you can carry every day. Many people express their creativity and love for art by using different makeup trends that let them explore something new and thrilling. 

Women naturally have a tendency to have darker lips and eyes and lighter skins. So, our brains subconsciously observe that as a sign of femininity. The greater the colour assessment between a lady's eyes and lips and her pores and skin tone, the greater is the sign of being feminine —and therefore evolutionary she is considered attractive—she is visible to be. Lipstick and eye shadow are makeup staples because they decorate women's essential features and tend to highlight them. Makeup can help women to accentuate their features and make them more visible to others. It's not like they do it for others, but women like to feel confident and pretty by applying makeup and following different makeup trends. Makeup is actually a great skill that everyone can learn, so it helps you find your creative side. By using different makeup trends, one can keep in touch with the beauty trends going around the globe. 

Every new 12 months brings with it some new splendour makeup trends and routines, and 2022 is already in the manner to herald a few new trending makeup needs and fashion mantras that will instantly uplift your ensemble and make you stand out. Makeup trends and routines, be it a few classic styles reinvented like an antique wine packaged in a new bottle or something simply unparalleled, add a new effect and create drama to our ordinary clothing. 

Here are top 5 makeup trends that have gained popularity in 2022:

1. Colour eyeliner that is fun to play around with

Every few decades, the eyeliner game keeps changing, and each generation has its own way of putting and applying eyeliner. In the 60s, it was noticed that the eyeliner used to be thicker and more winged to exaggerate the eyes of actresses because of the lack of colour in cinemas and daily soaps. Nowadays, the trend has changed as new and edgy colourful eyeliners are in demand. Makeup gurus and fashion influencers love to experiment with these eyeliners to give a bolder look. These colourful eyeliners can add a pop of color to your daily makeup routine.

2. Bushy and soapy eyebrows

The days of finely sculpted, slender eyebrows are long gone. The year 2022 is the best time to make a bold fashion statement. The style, also known as feathered or fluffy brows, has been popular in the cosmetic industry for years despite recently becoming popular on social media. The thick brows give off a really edgy, vintage appearance. These soapy eyebrows are seen on runway models, and many influencers are trying them out.

3. Natural and minimal makeup look

This year, the key is to use the fewest products possible to bring out your features and skin's natural radiance. The new fashion is all about appreciating the natural tone and utilising the least amount of beauty products possible, eschewing the well-worn routes of loud makeup and heavy complexions. This bright and radiant natural look may be achieved by applying a thin layer of foundation to create the base and blending the concealer with an angled brush. Minimal makeup will make you feel like your natural self, which is confident and bolder.

4. An extra touch of blush but make it dramatic

One need not be afraid to put on the blush in 2022. Turn your eyes wherever you go by adding a splash of colour to your lips in vivacious pinks, reds, yellows, and other hues. For a rosy and radiant appearance, accentuate your cheekbones with liquid or creamy blush and keep your makeup simple. Blush will make you look a little bit more dramatic than usual, which is fun sometimes. Don't hold yourself back, and use your blush to gain more confidence and keep up with the trends. These trends will help you to feel bolder, better and more confident with yourself and your appearance.

5. Accentuating lip liners

The lip liner, which dominated fashion in the 1990s, is making a major comeback. A few shades deeper than the shade you might use to colour in the lips can be used as a lip liner. This will give the lips—as well as the entire face—an edge and dimension. In 2022, the traditional brown lip colour is regaining popularity, but in this era, it is bolder and more apparent than before.

Using makeup to feel validated is good but using it as a tool to express yourself is the best thing. Makeup can provide you with the right type of confidence and a new passion that can be helpful in making yourself feel confident and bold, and instantly feel attractive. 

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