Five Tips To Handle Your Tech Gadgets Properly

If you devour the maximum time of the day attached to an electronic screen, it’s time for you to walk around and reflect. Too extensive use of technology can leave you exhausted, pointed up, drained, and mentally tired. Walking off devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc., is an easy explanation but can feel Difficult to put into action. Technology, no question, is having a rising and memorable effect on our existence. But, how much technology is needed? We frequently talk about work-life harmony, but perhaps, we should talk about tech-life balance. In the generation of Terabytes and Gigahertz, what’s the price of not knocking the harmony between the two technologies and life? For most of us, it’s huge and can considerably influence our job, friendships, fitness, and satisfaction. 

Below are five simple tips that will guide you to use your technological gadgets properly:

1. Keep them neat

Water and grime can result in your laptop overheating. Warmth is the foe of all elements and electronics. And unless your device is waterproof, it is adequate to protect it from fluids or the chance of being inundated in water (e.g. toilet bowls, ponds, pools etc.). An occasional cleaning-up tip: Be cautious about consuming and drinking fluids near your devices. Spilt fluids on your keyboards can short out the motherboard. Food shreds can get collected on the keyboard and resist it from working appropriately. When cleaning up dirt, do not sprinkle fluids directly onto the system, phone or tablet. It is good to use a microfiber fabric (it will not rub the surface). If you, by mistake, spill something onto a computer system, turn your PC off immediately. Wipe the battery and other additions connected, like flash drives or DVDs. Position your laptops so that the water can clear out. Rub off the extra liquid from the device with a smooth towel. Let it dry. Don’t try a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. These can cause destruction and static. Don’t try to unlock the computer case to clean internal components by yourself. This may repeal your computer’s verification. Before doing anything severe, check if your computer is still under guarantee. Repairs may still be covered. If you get your mobile phone wet, do the exact same three steps as getting your laptop dry. Turning your phone off instantly is essential. It can deter short-circuiting. Bring the SIM card and battery (if it’s removable) and try to dry them off. Shake off extra water and use a sheet towel to dab the phone. If it were entirely immersed in water, interior parts would still require to be fully dried off. You will require a drying tool like rice or desiccant/silica gel (those little white packets you get in the packet with your new shoes or backpacks). Leave the device in a bag of rice or a zip lock bag with five or more silica containers and leave it there for 24-48 hours. After this procedure, power your phone around and assess it. If you like to be thorough, you can go to an experienced to have your devices tested or dried (at least once a year). Go to a legal service centre or call the shop where you purchased your device.

2. Don't forget to use an antivirus

Just as crucial as maintaining the hardware tidy is its software operating virus-free. Put an antivirus program on your computer system to conserve it from virus invasions. Check it occasionally to detect if it is up-to-date. Secure your devices from malware by practising good patterns such as surveying flash drives and DVDs before beginning or downloading files, not opening emails from foreign senders, and not attending risky sites. While it is not so frequently that we listen to smartphones getting infected with viruses, it is apparent. 

3. Always practice adequate storage and safety

We generally take our devices with us everywhere. While they are manufactured to withstand shock, regular concussions and jolts can still harm your gadgets’ interior units. Use a good quality case, like a laptop bag with heavy padding. Finance in a defensive case and screen protection for your mobile phones and tablets. They are enormous at maintaining your devices neat and scratch-free. Close down your device before you leave it in your purse. Keeping it inside an enclosed area can lead to overheating. Keep your devices away from severe temperatures. Please don’t leave them under the light or endangered to the cold climate. This can harm your device’s battery.

4. Take proper care of your batteries


Battery health is the core of your device. To keep the battery working, charge it properly and store it well. Keep your gadgets charged 50% or more most of the time. This implies charging your gadget only when it’s 50% and under and not charging it up to 100%. Charge from 0% to 100% only once a month to recalibrate your battery health. Charging your gadgets overnight will not cause them to explode. Nonetheless, it can change the duration of the device sooner when it is plugged in beyond 100% of the time. Then, the severe temperature can harm your battery life and influence its performance. Utilise your devices and stock the battery in a room where they will not be uncovered to severe warmth or cold.

5. Use your power cables carefully

This looks like a small component, but your power charging cable is an essential component of your device. Without it, you won’t be able to charge your device. There are adaptor/power cords that get ripped or destroyed easily. This is why it is significant to roll your cord, particularly when it's not in use. Some wrap the cable around the power brick tightly. This can harm the cables inside the cord. Specialists indicate wrapping it loosely in a circle or figure eight and then using Velcro to maintain it. Assure that nothing can trip on the cable when your computer is plugged in. Having the cord operating along spaces where people can walk through is hazardous. Aside from a severe injury, this can heave the cable and send your system crashing to the floor. Use only the adaptor or power cord supplied to your device. They are susceptible to power deviations. Using the FALSE cable can cause severe harm.

So, we have already realised that excessive technology usage affects our connections and interchanges. As an outcome, counteracting technology use is the want of the hour. That doesn’t imply that we should avoid the use of technology. Rather, it’s about being under the supervision of our tech-life harmony.

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