Seven things to do on Mental Health Day

Maintaining mental health does not need a day for itself, of course. But suppose we cannot do it for all the three hundred and sixty-five days, a special day dedicated to it would be a good idea. Mental health is one aspect of overall health. It is as important as our physical and spiritual health. But of course, in today's time, we do not pay adequate attention to it and do not take care of it. Mental health requires us to make adequate efforts to keep it healthy with the aim of not harming it at all. One can do several activities to help maintain adequate mental health. Here are some activities that can be done:

1. Exercise

This could sound not so apt for ‘mental' health; some of you would say it would be better suited for physical health. Of course, exercising helps boost physical health, but it does not leave mental health alone. Physical activities, especially Yoga, are super helpful for maintaining both physical and mental health. What happens is that exercising releases good hormones and neurotransmitters in our bodies which make us feel good during and after working out. We can feel more energetic and confident about ourselves, making us feel positive for long durations. Incorporating such physical activities for at least an hour would be great.

2. Set a routine

Plan your day. Plan it all out in written format, do not rely on your head! Planning makes us feel much more structured and organized. You could plan the entire day by listing out all the activities you want to execute that day. Plan the time you want to wake up (also plan the day before when you want to sleep), then what you want to cook, what activities you want to do such as watching shows, going out, gardening etc. Try to stick to the plan as much as possible; it would be a wonderful serotonin booster for the body. Also, do not plan unrealistic things which you would not prefer doing on a regular day. This would ultimately not be done, and even if it is done then, it will make you feel stressed. 

3. Cook your favorite meal

Cook a meal which you really like but avoid cooking unhealthy food items. Try cooking as healthy as possible, as healthy food is equally delicious and also makes us feel good. Do not cook for longer if you do not like that; otherwise, it would feel stressful. Also, try to feel positive in your mind. Incorporate certain foods and vegetables, juices etc., that you love to enjoy. Foods also impact our mental health as they are also responsible for stimulating certain hormones and neurotransmitters. 

4. Spend time with yourself

Although going out with others will also make you feel good, there is always a chance of getting upset due to some unforeseen incidents such as arguments or fights. But if you are sure the people you want to go out with would not be the reason for you feeling upset, then do not think twice! The best option is to spend time with yourself by doing self-care activities such as hair and skin care, cooking, watching shows or reading books. Avoid staying idle as that would lead to boredom and might cause overthinking and negatively as well. 

5. Spend time with nature

We are natural beings, obviously, right? So how can not spending time in nature benefit us? Listening to small animals like birds or insects while viewing different shades of trees and plants or even water bodies can be super relaxing. You should definitely take enough time out to visit nearby parks or picnic spots. You can also contribute to the environment by planting seeds, watering trees and plants or even feeding stray animals and birds. Nature is what we should consider holy when it comes to our mental health! 

6. Read something new

Many of us are not readers. Some of us even hate the idea of having to read something. But that can definitely change if you read up on something you are interested in. Such as a new article on gardening, cooking or historical places. It could literally be anything as long as it is something that truly interests you. Learning something new also makes us feel more educated and knowledgeable about various topics. You should also engage in making notes while reading so that the knowledge sustains for a long. 

7. Watch something new

Well, this could be an alternative to reading, but reading is also super helpful in itself! Learning something new can be done in any form, such as watching videos on certain concepts, going to a one-day workshop or class, or attending online or offline seminars or sessions. It could be done in any form. Learning something new gives us a good feeling about ourselves, and we feel more confident about the concept we learned. Learning is also good for our brain as it keeps storing and processing new information, thus making it active. 

So, these are amongst the plethora of activities that one can do on this day. Apart from these, one can also spread awareness by posting on social media about what you are doing or telling someone about the concept of mental health and its importance. We should remember that while performing these activities, one should not be hurt in any way. Do not take the risk of something risky for at least a day so that you can enjoy Mental Health Day to the fullest. We all should be mindful of what we are doing and not engage in activities absentmindedly. Enhancing and taking care of our mental health can reap benefits for even our physical and spiritual health. Unfortunately, that knowledge is lacking amongst the masses. We need to understand that the mind is not a myth; it is very much scientific and biological. Every aspect of mental health is responded to by our biology! Happy Mental Health Day to all! 

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