Famous Bridal Wedding Jewellery Designs for Season 2022

Wedding Jewellery is a lifetime statement piece for a bride. Choosing the perfect bridal jewellery sure seems like a thrilling task, but this is the happiest task any bride can drool for. A bride’s ethereal beauty is highlighted by the jewels she adorns on her big day. From her heavily bejewelled headpieces to necklaces and anklets to gorgeous mattapathis, everything is a drop of delight for a bride. The brides must try to get their hands on something as auspicious as this for their highly expected wedding outfit. Invest in the ones of your choice for a regal wedding look.

Truthfully, nothing beats royal statement wedding necklaces also called haar as a most important part of a bride's wedding trousseau. Wedding necklaces add the traditional overtone to an elegant bridal look all over. They are a piece of jewellery that has become a fundamental part of a bride's apparel.

Looking at the brides intimidating fashion choices nowadays are so impeccable, that when a girl is ready with her bridal attire and her matching jewjewelry a pure elegance to watch for. So ladies and girls, scroll through down and get ready to save some of your favorite pieces of statement wedding necklaces that make every head turn on you and make your big day with a unique and timeless look.

Trending Bridal Necklace Sets Which Every bride Can Drool Over!

1. Kundan

Kundan is a classic formation of Indian gemstone ornaments involving a gem set with a gold foil between the stones usually for elaborate necklaces and other jewelry designs. Perfect for that bright pink or red bridal lehenga choli outfit, this statement piece can be worn on its own with matching danglers. Perfect for that bright pink or red bridal lehenga choli outfit, this statement piece can be worn on its own with matching danglers.

2. Navratan 

Navratan symbols for nine types of gemstones. Nav means nine and ratan mean gemstone. This is a traditional jewellery set worn from ancient times and nowadays also. Navratan choker necklace can be paired with a beautiful maroon velvet bridal lehenga choli or on an exquisite silk banarasi saree. Navratan jewellery is great for brides who are looking to re-use their bridal jewellery as it can be styled with several ethnic outfits.

3. Polki 

Polki is an uncut diamond it is a style of cleaving diamonds backed with either silver or gold foils to reflect light adorned with a gorgeous mix of pearls, Kundan and emerald pearl drops for that regal bridal look. You can wear the polki bridal necklace set with an alluring zari embroidered saree or with a traditional Punjabi Salwar Kameez.

4. Temple Jewellery

Temple jewelry means that the pieces seek inspiration from temple tops and divine figurines. Goddess Lakshmi and other female deities are the most commonly used motifs by jewelers for this theme. If you are someone who loves temple Jewellery, this traditional design will have all your heart! A beautiful coin style design with Goddess Laxmi motif, this temple jewelry design is perfect for any south Indian wedding kanjeevaram saree.

5. Pearl

Pearls are amazing among gemstones because they arise from the depths of the sea. They need no special polishing to maximize their lustrous beauty, which has been cherished since ancient times. You can layer the pearl necklace with a choker set or wear with heavy pearl droppings chandbalis and complete your bridal look. The pearl necklace set is great for an intimate wedding with a banarasi lehenga choli or with a stunning red embroidered pure chiffon saree.

6. Emeralds

They are one of the precious gemstones design in the world. Combined along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Emeralds often referred to as “The Jewel of Kings” have been a favorite for all the urban day divas all over the globe nowadays. The Emerald necklace set is one such piece that has seen the hall of fame this bridal season. So for the upcoming brides get ready to add some emeralds touch to your wedding trousseau.

7. American Diamonds

An American Diamond is another name for cubic zirconia, a blend replacement for diamonds. American diamonds are worth buying for a wedding function or an intimate wedding bridal look. There are many forms of designs from which you can choose like floral design and the finest victorian patterns from ancient times to modern designer pieces. You can wear American diamond jewellery with the Christian wedding gown or with a captivating silk saree in purple or pink hues.

8. Double Layered Sets

If you are keen on investing in a statement piece that you can don on your wedding day as well as pass along to the next generations, the double-layered necklace is the one you can go for. We can match double-layered necklaces in any form of ethnic wear from lehenga cholis, and sarees to salwar kameez. The double-layered necklaces come in various designs and patterns from gold coins multi-layered necklaces to emerald pearl droppings patterns. The two multi-layered patterns also look good in Kundan and polki layout. So get ready to get your breathtaking layered jewellery necklace on your special day.

9. Rajput Adh Necklace

Rajasthani necklaces are the most famous jewellery patterns around the globe. About 90 percent of people come to Rajasthan for bridal jewelry shopping. The most well-known is the adh design bridal necklace. The adh necklace is an elongated rectangular choker pattern ornamented with droppings of pearls and other semi-precious stones. The adh necklace is a visual treat to the eyes of any wedding celebration. They go well with deeper necklines if possible. So if you want to go for a proper Rajput or Rajasthani bridal look you can opt for this splendid adh bridal necklace on your wedding day.

Conclusion: This bridal season’s latest trendsetters are leaning to be rich & extravagant all at once. You could be a beautiful bride-to-be with these above mentioned bridal necklace designs. These bridal jewellery sets could look flattering on everything you wear for your special day. So if you have a bridal occasion coming soon, go ahead and rock these beautiful gems.
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