Upgrade Learning with Teachable – A Detailed Review

With change in the technology from last few years, a lot has changed in the teaching sector as well. Learning online and opting online courses has been one of the most convenient and demanding way these days. Even after the pandemic many teachers and students have chosen online platform to learn and teach.

One of the most amazing and easy platforms which help you connect with potential students and find right courses is Teachable. With its amazing features will help you create courses and if you are student it’s easy to connect with experts and download courses.

In the article below you will understand all about Teachable, so keep reading to understand better:

Upon using this platform, I have come across many new and stunning features that help me elaborate my course and produce it easily. I can effortlessly plan and design my course, publish it and also sell it to the potential customers. Get instant access to various features like from selling online courses to e-books, Audiobooks, Freelancing, Coaching services, live lessons, consultations and much more.

Teachable is potentially designed to help you create your project even if you have least to no knowledge of coding and designing. It has all the tools available for easy use, like designing, marketing tools, Payment Methods etc.

Teachable Pricing and Memberships

If you are looking for a platform that help you create your brand name and sell your knowledge Teachable is one of the most needed platforms. It has 3 basic plans to choose from:

  1. Basic – $29
  2. Pro – $99
  3. Business – $249

When you plan to get started Teachable offers you with a Free Plan for a period of 14 days. For more details on plans and refund policy check Teachable.


Note: With their free plan you can easily upload one course and up to 10 videos.


If you are working on free plan your domain will be integrated with teachable.com, whereas, if you purchase the services, you can go on with our own domain name only.

Teachable – Types of Lessons You Can Publish

Being an instructor, you might usually have difficulty choosing the right lesson, but with this platform you can easily choose from. You can choose from Painting, Coding, Writing, Calligraphy, Cooking, Fitness, Academics and much more. Whatever you can think of they have template as per your need.

You can easily drag-drop and upload your content directly from your personal device or Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc.

Types of Contents You Can Upload on Teachable


  1. Upload Video Content

The most easy and understandable lessons can be delivered through Videos. With Teachable you can easily upload a file up to 2 GB or embed the link. This platform supports almost all the files like MP4, MOV, AVI etc.

  1. Upload Text Lessons

Choose your text lessons easily. You will get all the text editing tools to make your lessons more understandable and attractive. With Teachable you can embed any media like video to your text lessons. Which gives more weightage to your course.

  1. Upload Quiz

You can also create and upload quiz for students who wants to test their knowledge. Using the Quiz creator in Teachable you can create multiple choice quiz for any given subject or course. One very interesting feature that is available here is ‘Graded Quiz’, which will let students to attempt the exam once and the final score will be the final score. This will let them have better understanding since there will be no chance of guessing and taking the quiz again.

  1. Upload PDF

With Teachable you can also upload a maximum of 35 MB PDF files. Simply drag and drop files to upload the content. The files can easily be accessed and downloaded by the students.

  1. Upload Coding Lessons

With Teachable you can add any coding snippets to your course. You will be provided with around 17 Languages like Java, PHP, HTML, MySQL etc. to choose from. Simply paste your code and this will automatically add your code in different color depending on the coding language. It is very useful if you wish to give coding lessons. This tab will only display the code, it will not be a live code

  1. Upload Custom Code

With custom code setting you can use and embed the code into your lecture. This will help you implement HTML, CSS or even JavaScript codes. You can embed videos, Webinars, and other material to give more weightage to your lecture.

It also allows you to embed links from other websites, if you wish to add a YouTube video you can simply embed the code and it will show in the content of your course.

How To Manage Admin Panel

With Teachable it is very easy to manage your admin interface. All the tools and settings are neatly available in the left panel. If you are complete beginner, it might take a few times to understand and get familiar with all the features. Once you have complete understanding it will be very convenient.

How Student Interface Works

If you are a student, Teachable have a number of options of templates which will help you manage your lessons. You can easily see the progress and start any lesson in one click. Students can leave comments to interact with the Coach.
Also you can download files or upload files in the comment section, this is a great way to interact with your teachers, submit assignments, reports etc.

Teachable Pros and Cons

Teachable Pros:

  1. Easy outlook to manage any sort of content.
  2. All sort of tools available to make your course stand out
  3. You can schedule content for when it is going to be published
  4. Create Upsell Card to choose any course and add a pricing plan to it
  5. On completion of the Course, you can also provide certification to Students
  6. You can sell services and products like tutorials, E-books, Freelance services

Teachable Cons

  1. Little time consuming to get used to the features completely
  2. It is some time bit slow
  3. It charges 10% on every purchase.

Apart from this I have really enjoyed working with this tool, and have great ease of publishing my lessons and earn a little extra.

Teachable Help You Build Your Brand

With Teachable you are free to customise your website as you wish. From adding your brand logo to favicon your website. Design your website as you may wish. With this you can easily communicate with your students, spread a word about you and your teachings. Help them enroll to specific courses. This will not only help you gain relevant students but also with the ease of Teachable you can actually be able to deliver online coaching more swiftly.


So, if you are looking for one and all kind of platform where you can find ease of course delivery and potential audience to grow Teachable is your solution. The software is so flexible and easy to use that anyone can make their online availability of courses. The build-in tools and features will give you potential to make your course stand out. Even if you have least to no knowledge of coding and designing, you still can make your website and publish any number of lessons. It provides one of the most interactive and innovative platforms where you can play around to make your lessons more understandable. Their agenda is to deliver the best online courses and helping you establish your online business.

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