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Wouldn't it be great if you could wear your warm blanket as an outfit and look like a hot breeze walking the Celine runway? Well, it's 2023—everything is possible—you just name it. So, if you want to look like a runway model, of course, you will need high-quality clothes that are not only comfortable but can bring the best out of you. No need to get tense, you won’t have to empty your pockets as you are in luck. Roots, a premium outdoor lifestyle brand, has recently announced its 2023 online winter sale, which is filled with amazing deals and discounts. With this online winter sale, you can get up to 50% off on almost everything, including designer leather goods, footwear, sweatpants, trench coats, boots, and accessories. Check out our favorite picks that are worth spending on and are perfect style statements to sway your winters in a “Devil Wears Prada—Miranda” style. 

◉ Buy things that will match or get layered well with your other outfits.

◉ Spend on classic & chic yet simple accessories and boots that can go with most of your            outfits.

◉ Look for quality, the materials that have been used to make the clothing—that’s how you          know & determine its actual value. 

First and foremost, to understand fashion, you need to understand that some colors work together and some do not. So don’t mix and match too carelessly; you won’t want to look like a basket of fruits. Below we have mentioned our favorite picks that will surely look stunning on every being, as these style statements are definitive representations of the most influential brands. 

Top 10 picks from the Online Winter Sale of Roots CA:

Polartec Overcoat

You can get this simple and elegant overcoat for 114 dollars. It is a classic piece of street fashion; it is made of 100% recyclable fibers, meaning no harm to the environment, and it is ultra-comfortable. You can wear this woven coat over any plain shirt or piece of clothing; however, if you purchase a dark-colored overcoat and pair it with the same or another dark-colored leggings or jeans, you will look more sleek and chic. No judgment, but if you pair it with an off-color bottom, then for sure it will make you look short and off-sight.

One Double Dog Snap Pouch

This double dog-snap bag is the perfect accessory that you need to keep your things organized. You can keep your charging cords, phone charger, phone, earphones, makeup wipes, lip gloss, and so much more in this pouch. Also, this bag will not get easily stretched or worn out as it is made of high-quality leather. It’s inspired by Roots ONE's inclusivity and versatility and is made in a gender-free silhouette. You can attach this pouch to your laptop sleeve or carry it in your hand; either way,  it will give an exquisite outlook. 

Lounge Dress

This dress is available for just 74.99 dollars, which is a great deal if you ask me. If you are a party person or go on occasional evenings or meetings, then this particular clothing is perfect for you. You can wear it with a black or off-color jacket, pair it with a short skirt (of the same color), or even skinny jeans. Just don’t put on too many colors; either go with a skirt or jeans (if you're feeling too cold). Wear black shoes to make yourself appear taller; throw on a plain jacket; and you're ready to go!

Soft Twill Barrel Pant

Soft Twill Barrel—amazing evergreen pants are back at 74.99 dollars; trust me, you need these pants because they will go with most of your tops, whether they are crop tops, loose sweatshirts, cardigan tops, or anything else. You can pair it with cropped sweaters, plain tops, etc. Wear a tight or body-touching top to make your outfit look more articulate. Barrel pants will also last longer as the materials that they are made of are 100% cotton, so you won’t feel any itchiness or suffocation with this clothing. Remember, it’s all about comfort at the end of the day. 

Cabin 1973 Crewneck Sweatshirt

You can get a crewneck sweatshirt at Roots for $ 59.9s. Winter is all about sweatshirts. Almost everyone has a pair of black sweatshirts; that’s why you need a white one. And if it’s snowing where you live, you should definitely buy this sweatshirt, as it will make you look fresher and more lively. You can pair it with blue jeans or even black jeans; both will look great. If you want to make your outfit more classic, wear a white knitted cap; you will look gorgeous. This Cabin 1973 sweatshirt is made up of organic cotton, so you won’t be uncomfortable in it; also, it has an ultra-soft fleece, perfect for every day. 

Women's Palmerston Boot

Women's Palmerston Boots are not only comfortable and stylish, but they also have a classic Chesla Boots look in this 2023 winter sale at Roots. You can pair these boots with any pair of clothing—it doesn't matter whether it’s a party dress, bodycon dress, slip dress, casual dress, etc. It will make you look more elegant, and the best thing about these boots is that they will not get torn off that easily as they are made up of waterproof material and genuine leather and that too in a pull-on style. It has a 100 percent cotton lining along with rubber outsoles. You can get this classic pair of boots for 99 dollars on Roots CA. 

Lounge Jogger

First of all, lounge joggers are extremely soft and comfortable, perfect for your daily running and jogging. Also, if you are not an athletic person, these cozy joggers will make your Netflix binges more comfy and warm. Long joggers are those comfy clothes that will let you ease—when you are just in a Netflix and chill mood—when you work hard at your job and wish that you just got a day or two off so that you can party at home with your close friends and just binge-watch all your favorite anime and Kdramas or football matches. Plus, it will make you look more sporty and brazen. You can get the Lounge Jogger from Roots for around 74.99 dollars. Perfect for your lazy days, pair it with an off-color sweater or lounge sweater to get the ultimate lounge look. 

Modal Blend Terry Cardigan

Get this outstanding cardigan from Roots for $59.99. It gives you a casual yet elevated lounge style; you can pair it with the Lounge Joggers, peach jeggings, and jeans. Wear a dark-colored inner crop top with your outfit to make it look more polished. The cardigan is made up of cotton material, therefore it is full-on comfortable and elastic, has a two-hood structure for an extra touch of comfort, and also has two seam pockets. Perfect for you if you are big on comfort and fashion. This mocha meringue cardigan gives more of a classical and standard look, so if you are going out for an important yet casual event, this cardigan is what you need. 

Restore Top

If your style is more casual or if you don’t like to do much with your clothing, then this restored black top would be perfect for you. Black always works on everyone, so don’t think too hard about it; just get this as it will go with almost everything. You can pair it with any pair of jeans, shorts, joggers, jeggings, etc.—white, blue, black, etc. Also, if you are looking for something to wear at home that is comfortable, soft, warm, and cozy, then let me tell you that this is it. The restore top is made up of sustainable ECOVERO™, LENZING™, and REFIBRA™ fibers. The top also has a relaxed fit and a hint of stretch for extra comfort. Its dropped shoulder and notched neckline will give you a dopey outlook, and trust me, you are worth it. You can get this top from the Roots website for 34.99 dollars.

Oxford Shirt

Get this Oxford shirt from Roots for $59.99. It goes well with a casual top and jogging. If you are going formal, wear it with trousers; if you are going casual, just wear it like a cardigan over your top. For formals, make sure that you tie a scarf; it will make you look astonishing, confident, and ready to go all shark. You can never go wrong with this classic piece of oxford shirt, as you can mismatch it with many things. The Oxford shirt is crafted from cotton to provide you with full comfort, and its elongated length and fit will make you look like a boss. 

The amazing thing about sales is that you can get all the clothing outfits, matching accessories, boots, caps, and so much more all at the same place. What are you waiting for? Go on—hurry, oh! Wait—forget to mention that Roots also offers FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $70+. You can also get returns and exchanges on all orders. So don't miss out on this grand-sale opportunity.

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