Five Uncommon Shades Of Lipsticks Every Woman Should Try

Life is too short to not try different and unusual things. Experimenting sometimes yields the most glamorous results. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is extremely necessary in order to try their hands on something extraordinary and awesome. Lipstick is said to be a girl's best friend and the go-to cosmetic item. No matter when a stroke of lipstick would empower you to be anywhere at any time with the utmost confidence. People always want to try different and unique things in order to stand out from other people out there in this world. People are generally overwhelmed with the attention that their glam seeks and love to be the centre of the world. 

Here is the list of a few unusual yet attractive lip shades that every female must try in order to add up that remaining element of glam up their sleeves. 


It is common knowledge that a simple application of crimson lipstick can completely change the appearance of any ensemble. There is nothing more universally beautiful and inspiring than a red pout. Pair it with your casual attire or compliment it with your dresses or LBDs. This matte tint is ideal because it best suit all skin tones, draw attention to the features, and receive several praises. It definitely leans toward the drier side of the scale, so apply it slowly and consider starting with a lip balm.

This one ought to be obvious. Nothing transforms a look—or a face—like a crimson lip colour that commands attention. The easiest approach to picking your perfect shade and tone of red is the tried-and-true method: Try them on! Orangey reds have a modern, slightly edgy tone, but a classic, deeper red exudes elegance. They best accentuate my features, match my skin tone, and draw the most comments, particularly this matte shade. 

  • PLUM

Every female should embrace her inner villain and try dark colours. They give your appearance a specific touch of sensual charm and give you an ultra-sexy feeling. What you should search for are intense maroons and deep tones of plum. You won't be able to stop gazing at yourself after a few swipes, we promise. If you don't believe us, take a look at Deepika, who is the embodiment of a stunning, dark pout. You don't have to go all out with that dark lip colour; consider applying it as a stain with your finger instead. Because of this, berry or plum lipstick is adaptable. It also frequently looks excellent when applied to the cheeks as a blush. Rich reds and purple hues are inherently appealing and replicate the skin's natural “glow,” despite the fact that darker hues might be daunting.


Ladies, brown is definitely making a comeback. No, we're not talking about those icy colours from the 1990s; instead, we're talking about chic matte brown lips a la Kylie Jenner. It is a colour that is neutral and quite adaptable, making it ideal for any setting, including the workplace. When you want to seem stylish but not over the top, brown might be your go-to colour. Depending on the eye makeup you're wearing, chocolate brown lipstick may be worn throughout the day or at night. It has deep pigmentation. A chocolate brown lipstick will save you if you need a little drama and your typical nude lipstick isn't providing it for you. You might need to add contour and definition because brown-based colours can make a face appear a bit flat. “Complete your appearance with eyeliner that is at least as black as or a shade deeper than the brown lip colour you select.” To give brown lipstick a contemporary edge if you've selected a matte lip colour, Potter-Dixon advises contrasting textures and experimenting with a slick of clear gloss on the eyelids.

  • NUDE

There is no particular thing as a universal fit for nude colours. What appears to be quite unassuming and neutral on one individual may be practically corpse-like on another. The correct nude will lean pink, mauve, or beige depending on the undertones in your complexion, as the objective of “nude” isn't to match the skin. Deeper skin tones have more possibilities and can experiment with darker and lighter hues, whereas fair skin often looks best (and least washed out) with a peach-leaning pinkish tint. On some days, we truly simply want to relax and play it cool, and the same is true with our lipsticks. You'll require a nice makeup colour at this time. It provides a beautiful splash of colour to your lips without the over-the-top element of the darker shades.

Due to its many uses, naked lipstick is a need. The term “perfect nude” refers to a nude tint that complements your skin tone and lip colour the best.

We want to prevent seeming ugly when you utilise a nude that isn't appropriate for you. You might wonder why having the ideal nude lipstick is so crucial. The ideal nude enhances every skin tone, complements every clothing, enhances every lip shape, and, most significantly, makes you appear more polished and elegant.


We're not talking about the coral and brilliant orangish-red lippies that we all have in our collections. We're referring to a vivid, intense orange pout. Tangerine matte lips are ideal for brightening your face and making you stand out in the crowd. Additionally, they look excellent on both fair and dark complexion tones and may truly complement Indian skin tones.

Conclusion: Ladies, occasionally stepping outside of your comfort zone with lipstick is excellent. Reds and pinks will always look well on you, but you'll be shocked at how beautiful some colours that you would not ordinarily think look on you. Every lady understands the challenge of trying to find the ideal lipstick that makes her seem like an absolute diva, brightens her day, and glams up any outfit. Picking the best option might be challenging considering the abundance of possibilities accessible. The only thing you may require to appear amazing is a complimenting lip colour, which will instantly brighten your entire face. We've provided you with some amazing, unusual lip colours that you should attempt to make your appearance exciting, eye-catching, and everything but plain.
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