Fashion Trends to keep up since 2019

Fashion keeps changing. It lasts forever and can never stay constant. It is an expression of who you are; even if one does not spend much time before dressing up, everyone's dressing sense speaks a lot about their personality. For those of you who love to stay up to date when it comes to fashion trends, this post is for you. The year 2019 witnessed some trends which were not completely new; most of these were what was worn in the late 1900s. Probably much like ‘history repeats itself, these fashion trends have also been repeated with a fresher look starting in 2019! Some of these trends must have been followed much before 2019, but we never followed them as a trend. So, here are some fashion trends that came in 2019:

1. Animal prints:

One of the most popular trends is to have at least one clothing item with an animal print. The most famous one is the leopard print. Dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans, pants, jackets, and even swimsuits are printed in this form. It gives a wild and energetic look to the person wearing animal prints. They go best when travelling to places or exploring them and look best in the daytime. Even bags and shoes have animal prints on them and can be added to give an even more playful look to the outfit.

2. Biker shorts:


More commonly known as cycling shorts are thin body-hugging clothing items for the purpose of efficient cycling. They are quite comfortable once worn, and one may not even feel the fabric on the skin. The most common colours worn are black and white as they go with almost everything. However, one should definitely look out for other shades as well and not restrict to just these two. These have been paired with crop tops, shirts, blouses, bralettes, and even blazers. Almost all occasions are suitable for these pairs of shirts; one can wear them to movies, parties, dates or casual shopping sprees.

3. Puff shouldered clothes:

Even for kids, puff-shouldered dresses and tops are available. They always give an elegant appearance to the person wearing them. Especially if paired with a cute sling bag, one can rock the whole look! This look was quite common during the 1980s and was worn by European women frequently. They can be paired with body-fitting pants, skirts, shorts, or dresses as well.

4. Clothing with Ezra ruffles:


Ruffles give clothes a multi-layer and feathery look. They seem quite heavy and can also be heavy but not make one super uncomfortable. The most common ones have been seen in one-side shoulder tops or dresses, where the sleeveless end has been ruffled up with multiple fabric layers. They look quite bold and cute and can be paired with almost anything such as shorts, skirts, pants, jeggings etc.

5. Cargo pants:

They can probably offer the smartest look ever. They seem elegant, bold, cool, geeky and positive all at the same time. These also make the body look elegant with just the right amount of accentuation required. These go well on almost any occasion; dark ones are best at night and light-coloured ones in the daytime, especially when travelling. These also often come with several pockets, which are super easy as well.

6. Scrunchies:

Almost every other person has a scrunchie. These are fluffed-up rubber bands that are quite large as compared to a normal, more commonly used hair tie. These come in various prints and colours. One can match the colour of their outfits with their scrunchies to be more playful. These are quite big and may not be suitable for all, especially those who have less dense hair. Additionally, they look super cute and are also worn on the wrists, which also gives our wrists a makeover!

7. Graphic tees: 

Graphic tees are quite common now. Almost all shopping centres provide these, and people are ready to invest in them as they appear quite cool. Graphic tees look amazing when tucked in with shorts, skirts or pants. They give us a beautiful appearance without much effort.

8. Baggy pants/boyfriend jeans:

These are super comfortable and cool-looking pants. They are quite airy and are a good source of ventilation as well. These usually are most suitable for a casual look or occasion but can be worn to any place. These come in vibrant colours worn by different genders. Some pants are loosely fit from every part, while some are fit from the waist and baggy down below. These can rev up any look. However, they should be avoided in professional settings.

9. Tiny and thin framed sunglasses:

These usually come in black but look amazing in any other colour. These give a cool and chic look to anyone. These can be worn over any outfit; they look best with jeans/pants with crop tops or denim jackets. One can even rock the look with a saree or kurta as well. 

10. Small shoulder bags:

These make crossbody sling bags outdated and obsolete too. These bags are so fun to wear, can be comfortable and easily affordable. Small shoulder bags have begun to reign the fashion market as they appear so chic. These come in various colours and textures; the best ones require a little more money but go a long way as they have a sturdy base and material.

11. Tie-Dye Clothing:

Mixing and matching our favourite colours and creating different patterns on plain white cloth, tie-dye has been trending globally, be it t-shirts, pants, jeans, cord sets and even scrunchies. These are available both in stores and DIY. Tie-dye not only looks quite quirky but also gives a very fresh and cool vibe.

12. Bucket Hats:

Bucket Hats have been a trendsetter, and it is the perfect hair accessory to go with different kinds of outfits for both Men and Women. Be it a basic black one, or adding different colours and patterns or classic quotes or your favourite badges or patches, bucket hats make us look cool and also save us from the scorching sun and protect our hair too.

Do keep this in mind while going out shopping in future! It is amazing how fashion evolves from time to time and never fails to impress us.

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