Easy Steps to Switch to Tesco Mobile

In today's world, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. We use them for communication, entertainment, and even work. With so many mobile network providers available, it can take time to choose the right one. However, Tesco Mobile is popular due to its affordable plans and excellent customer service.

Why should you switch to Tesco Mobile?

Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the O2 network to provide its services. It offers a range of affordable plans that cater to different needs, including pay-as-you-go, pay-monthly, and SIM-only plans. Here are some reasons why you should consider switching to Tesco Mobile:

Affordable Plans

Tesco Mobile offers some of the most affordable plans in the market. Its pay-as-you-go plans start as low as £5, and its monthly pay-monthly plans start from £7.50.
Excellent Customer Service: Tesco Mobile has won several awards for its customer service. Its customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues.
Flexible Plans: Tesco Mobile offers flexible plans that allow you to change your plan or upgrade your phone anytime.

Rewards: Tesco Mobile offers bonuses to its customers, such as Clubcard points, which can be used to save money on shopping at Tesco.

Understanding Sim Cards

A SIM card is a small chip inserted into your phone to connect it to a mobile network. It contains your phone number, contacts, and other information. There are two types of SIM cards: standard SIM and micro SIM. Most modern phones use a micro-SIM, but if your phone uses a standard SIM, you can request a SIM card adapter from Tesco Mobile.
Tesco Mobile also offers eSIMs, which are electronic SIM cards that are embedded in your phone. eSIMs eliminate the need for a physical SIM card and allow you to switch between different mobile networks without changing the SIM card.
It would be best to have a compatible phone to get an eSIM from Tesco Mobile. Currently, eSIMs are supported on iPhones with the latest technology, such as iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 series phones.

Tesco Mobile App

Tesco Mobile offers a mobile app that allows you to manage your account, check your usage, and increase your credit. The app is accessible on the App Store and Google Play Store and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Here are some of the features of the Tesco Mobile app:

Account Management

Using the app, you can manage your account, view your bills, and update your personal details.
Usage Tracking: You can track your calls, texts, and data usage and see how much you have left for the month.
Top Up: You can top up your credit using the app and choose from various top-up options, including pay-as-you-go and pay monthly.


The app lets you view and redeem your Tesco Clubcard points.
Customer Service: You can contact Tesco Mobile's customer service team through the app and get assistance with any queries or issues.

Steps to Switch to Tesco Mobile

Switching to Tesco Mobile is an easy process. Here are the main steps to make the switch:

Check if Your Phone is Locked

Before switching to Tesco Mobile, check if your phone is unlocked. An unlocked phone is not tied to a specific network provider and can be used with any SIM card. If your phone is locked, you must contact your network provider to unlock it.

Check Coverage in Your Area

The next step is to check if Tesco Mobile coverage is available in areas where you live and work. Tesco Mobile uses O2's network, so you can check O2's coverage checker tool to see the signal strength at your home and office addresses. As long as you see voice and 3G coverage, you should get a good signal with Tesco Mobile.

Compare Tesco Mobile Plans

Tesco Mobile offers a range of SIM only and pays monthly phone contract plans. Please browse the options on their website to find a plan that suits your needs. The plans include varying amounts of minutes, texts, and data. Tesco also frequently runs special offers and promotions that can help you save money. Choose a program that gives you sufficient allowances at an affordable price.

Purchase Your New Tesco Mobile SIM

Once you have decided on a plan, you must purchase a Tesco Mobile SIM card. You can do this on Tesco Mobile's website with free delivery. Your new SIM will be dispatched within a few days. Alternatively, you can pick up a free Tesco Mobile SIM from any Tesco store. The SIM will come with instructions to activate it.

Activate Your Tesco Mobile SIM

Activating your new Tesco Mobile SIM takes just a few minutes. You can do it online using the details provided with your SIM pack. You must provide personal information and the SIM number to set it up. Your Tesco Mobile number and plan details will be ready immediately after activation.

Port Your Existing Number (Optional)

If you want to keep your current mobile number, you can port it to Tesco Mobile. Contact your existing provider first to request a PAC (Port Authorization Code). Provide this PAC when you activate your Tesco Mobile SIM and your old number will be transferred within a few working days. There may be a small porting fee to pay to your current network.
Once the porting process completes, your Tesco Mobile SIM will be set up with your existing number. Enjoy using your new Tesco Mobile plan and affordable nationwide coverage! By following these easy steps, you can switch to Tesco Mobile hassle-free.


Switching to Tesco Mobile is a simple process. Its affordable plans, excellent customer service, and flexible options make it a popular choice for many people. Following the steps outlined in this blog, you can switch to Tesco Mobile and enjoy its benefits. Remember to check if your phone is unlocked, choose a plan, order a SIM card, activate it, and transfer your number if necessary.

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