Crutchfield : Logitech® Circle View Camera

Logitech® Circle View Camera : $159.99

  • Logitech TrueView™ video delivers crisp 1080p HD live streaming and recorded video
    • glass optics and high quality image sensor with wide dynamic range
    • ultra-wide 180° field of view
  • sends smart alerts to your iPhone or iPad when activity is detected
    • motion options include people, animal, vehicle, or any motion
    • play recorded videos right from the lock screen
  • use two-way talk to have a remote conversation
  • can act as motion sensor for home automations
  • infrared LEDs provide night vision up to 15 feet away
  • geofencing allows you to select different camera options for when you are home or away:
    • detect activity — does not stream or record, motion can trigger notifications and routines
    • stream — live view available, but no footage is recorded
    • stream and allow recording — activity triggers recordings
    • off — no motion detection, streaming, or recording
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