5 Types Of Footwear That Look Good Wih Your Office Attire

People make lots of efforts with regards to their footwear. They pay a lot of attention to which footwear to wear with which outfit because, at the end of the day, they do not want to look dishevelled. Consciously trying to make your footwear match your outfit can do lots of wonders. It will make you look put together. It will make you look fashionable. It will make you look like you do have a dressing sense. Matching footwear with a casual outfit has become a norm nowadays. The people who understand the importance make sure they look good in whatever they wear. But casual outfits are not the only thing that is important. Yes, people go out and think about looking their best, but here we also want to talk about people who have jobs, who go to the office every day. For them, it is most important because they have to be there half their day, and even though they want to look put together, they also want to look comfortable. A lot of different types of footwear are available in the market. Some look for casuals, and some look for formals. They all are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are also available at a range of prices. So here are some footwear types that are more likely to go best with your office attire.


The most common footwear we see everywhere and everyone wearing. Very simple-looking, sleek shoes that are very well integrated with laces. These are the most basic office footwear you must have seen men wearing. This footwear can easily go with any office attire. A simple shirt and pants with oxfords, and you are ready to go. Even blazers and oxfords go well. Wear anything formal and put on these shoes; they won't disappoint you. They are very comfortable to wear, given that you choose your perfect size. At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with oxfords ever. This is office wear which can be used daily. A lot of footwear brands sell these types of shoes as these are the most common ones people wear. 

Formal pumps:

These shoes are created using black patented leather and can be used as a replacement for the oxfords described earlier. These are also known as opera pumps. If you ever have to wear a black tie or are invited to a black-tie event, this is the perfect fit. These are usually used in these types of events and usually have a shiny texture than other shoes. This is a must-have for people who more often wear tuxedos and business suits and do not know how to pair them with normal shoes. This footwear goes very well with them. A lot of high-end and low-end brands sell these types of footwear.

Flat formals for ladies:

Ladies cannot be left behind while talking about shoes. Stereotypically, they are more fashionable, and they put effort into their attire more. Like oxfords for men, flat formals for women are the go-to footwear and can be worn in a daily office setting. Since it is a daily thing, they are also seen as more comfortable to wear. A lot of women who have joined the office recently or who do not want to put much effort into regard to their footwear can be seen wearing this. Even this is something you cannot go wrong with. Therefore, grabbing the perfect size is more important here. This footwear can be purchased from any store, and a lot of reputed brands sell them too.


Sandals are usually considered casuals for women because there are different types of them with different designs. But if you look closely, this is not really the case. Sandals can be worn in an office setting, too, given the colour and the shape should be fit for a formal setting. There are different types of sandals available for formal settings, too; you have to pick the right one which can go with every attire of yours. If you are a fan of heels, you can definitely buy them and wear them. It will make you look classy and formal at the same time. Sandals can be found almost everywhere and in almost every store in different sizes.

Closed shoes for ladies:

Just as men have shoes for the office setting, women have them too. They are most comfortable than the sandals discussed earlier because it actually acts like shoes to a larger extent. They have flat heels or no heels at all. The people who do not like heels and are uncomfortable with them can, any day, choose shoes over sandals. These are not like regular shoes but are more made for formal settings. They sometimes have a shiny texture and sometimes have a leather texture. It can go very well with long skirts and pants. You cannot go wrong with these types of shoes either. These are also, just like the others, found in almost every local store and high-end stores too.

As mentioned earlier, footwear is the most important thing for the whole attire to make sense, and you can't really forget to wear anything, so it is a must too at the same time. You do not want to look out of place in an office setting or even in a casual setting. With that said, being comfortable is also important. Footwear which is not comfortable can cause blisters around your foot, and that is a never-good experience. Since you are constantly using your legs and walking around, you do not want to feel uncomfortable about it. Therefore, it is very important and a must to look for comfortability while deciding what to wear. At the same time, deciding on your outfit or attire and then making it match your footwear is what one should do. Nevertheless, you know your own aesthetic better than anyone else and can surely do a good job with styling yourself.  

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