5 Trending Books On Amazon For Kids

The secret to making a child who claims they don't like to read into a self-described “reader” is finding the appropriate book. I believe that boys are an exception to this rule. You probably had a few special storybooks you used to pore over as a child. These stories undoubtedly inspired your fascination for strange and fascinating creatures like dragons or unicorns, which frequently spilt over into thinking you were these creatures. Books motivate kids to be bold, kind, and empathetic, but most importantly, they help kids develop a passion for reading. Though considering into the children's book business may seem like a difficult job, research has proven that there is room for even more growth and a wide range of chances for aspiring writers. Sales of children's books are still increasing, particularly in the young adult and middle-grade sections. Before they even begin a word, let them notice the words printed within a book; young children and babies are enthralled by communication and appreciate the sound of the language. Reading to children fosters imagination and aids in their world education. Additionally, they develop their listening skills, which aid in their comprehension of written material. Choose the age range that your book will target first. Choose a broad concept and a topic. Build your plot and characters as a priority. According to the age group, write the appropriate number of words. Use repetition in your writing, and always keep the illustrations in mind. With babies and young children, reading and storytelling foster brain and imagination development, language and emotion development, and relationships. Children can learn about numerous emotions through reading. Their ability to better express themselves and learn to correlate their emotions with words aids in their emotional and social development. Books present a variety of personalities and viewpoints, which helps kids develop empathy. Sometimes, you can read. Occasionally, you can listen to music, sing, or share cultural tales. There are tens of thousands of printed and digital books available on Amazon. How do you choose which books are worthwhile for your child when so many options are available? We have evaluations of the bestselling new books on Amazon, ranging from young adult novels to preschool picture books. Check out our Best Book Apps for Kids selections for reading on the go.

Kids adored these books because they had the ideal balance of suspense, action, and character drama, as well as captivating plotlines that kept children turning the pages.
1. The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond:

The little Binya develops feelings for a stunning blue umbrella that a visiting Japanese person owns. She can trade her bear-claw necklace for it, and everyone in the hamlet is fascinated by her find, especially the elderly shopkeeper Khatri, who becomes fixated on having it. Khatri cannot eat or sleep because of his envy and desire for the thing. Binya declines his offer to buy the umbrella from her. The story's lesson is that it is imperative to highlight the value of compassion in daily life.

2. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone moral by J. K. Rowling:

Rowling wrote about a young boy who finds out on his eleventh birthday that he is the orphaned child of two strong wizards and has special magical abilities of his own. He is called from his life as an unwanted child to enrol in the wizarding boarding school Hogwarts in England. He makes several new acquaintances there who become his closest buddies and aid him in learning the truth behind his parents' mysterious deaths. Love overcomes hatred, thus the lesson.

3. How I taught my grandmother to read by Sudha Murty:

The author describes how she taught her grandma to read in this first-person account. Although the author's grandmother was never enrolled in school as a young child, she had a strong desire to learn. She ensured that her children and eventually her grandkids received a good education as she grew older. She eventually mastered reading, to everyone's amazement and happiness as a reader. There is no age for learning, which is the chapter's main thesis. In the same way, the author's grandmother achieved success at that age by working hard and pursuing her dreams, and anyone may succeed.

4. Malgudi Adventures: Classic– Tales for Children By R.K. Narayan:

The plot revolves around the misadventures of Swami and his companions in the enchanted South Indian village of Malgudi. A slightly condensed version of Narayan's well-known novel “Swami and Friends” is included in this beautifully descriptive and deliciously hilarious narrative of growing up, along with two more short stories that also feature Swami. Malgudi's Schooldays, which also contains two additional short stories starring Swami, is a significantly condensed version of Narayan's well-known novel Swami and Friends. It is a masterful tale of growing up written by one of the best English language writers of the day. It is also deliciously hilarious. Moral qualities including honesty, integrity, appropriate behaviour, honouring elders, and hard work were taught throughout the Malgudi era.

5. “Karadi Tales,” “An Elephant in my Backyard” by Shobha Viswanath and Sadhvi Jawa:

Maya's relatives contest her claim that an elephant lives in her backyard. However, the elephant is not hers, and he must go home! Sadhvi Jawa beautifully uses watercolours to depict the short, entertaining story by Shobha Viswanath. The writing is exquisite. The narrative is creative. It has a light sense of comedy and a hint of suspense. Does the backyard have a newborn elephant? Even if it's subtle, the kids comprehend it. I enjoyed the creative graphics since they enhance the narrative and the sense of the setting and the characters. The innocent bravery of animals involved in barbaric human deeds is moral.

Although fashions come and go, every page you turn indeed teaches you something worthwhile that you can ideally use in your life. This is true regardless of the book's content.

Consider incorporating cultural sensitivity, comedy, politeness, and morals in your book. One key area of your book will be covered, and it will undoubtedly draw readers and appeal to the parents who will unavoidably buy your books for their children. Happy reading and learning to you and your kiddos!

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