Our wardrobes have become an essential part of our life. We open them constantly in search of interesting clothing items. These could be anything depending on the situation or mood, from a sensual dress for a date night to a pair of baggy pants for grocery shopping – we look for all kinds! But of course, there are some feasible yet trending outfits that we all must have in our wardrobes to get through various occasions at ease. Plus, at times minimizing clothing items is also important in order to declutter your wardrobe so this post can help you in deciding the essentials one needs to have at any cost.  Here is a list of five of the most trending outfits that one must have in their wardrobe:

1.  Denim Jacket:


These almost never go wrong. These are super simple yet give such a bold look to whoever wears it. Pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans is all you need to get those heads turned ! Obviously it looks amazing when paired with other outfits such as maxi dresses, short/mini dresses, short/long skirts, pairs of shorts, baggy jeans, leggings, kurtas etc. Denim jackets also come in variations such as long or short ones or the ones with short or long sleeves. The best ones are the cropped or short ones with long sleeves as they give an elegant and bold look to the entire outfit. The other variations can be paired with specific clothing items such as short sleeved denim jackets that look best with mini skirts. Additionally many come with beautiful designs such as embroidery which look equally beautiful. We can be sure that one literally rocks in denim jackets.

2. White shirts:

White shirts are probably the simplest forms of clothing. Probably all simple things produce beautiful results because that is the case with white shirts, they just rev up any look! Pair it with baggy, skinny, straight, boot cut or any other cut pants or with a sleeveless dress, dungarees or jumpsuits, one will always look beautiful and fresh. The white color itself seems pure and radiates positive vibes. It is also important to incorporate clothing items of lighter shades (along with dark ones if you like) in your wardrobe as they give off positive vibes towards the person wearing them and also to the people one interacts with.

3. Baggy pants:

These are probably the most comfortable clothing items that one can own. One must have at least three to four pairs of different shades of baggy pants because they look so comfy and you can wear them at almost any occasion. Be it grocery shopping, going to the movies, going out on a daytime date or just chilling with your friends or family, baggy pants are a must have clothing item! These are also easier to put on when compared to jeans (especially skinny ones after a shower!) and you can rock your look. Pairing it with crop tops, long shrugs or tshirts, denim jackets or sweaters gives a cozy look.

4. Denim shorts:

Apart from a denim jacket, denim shorts are super amazing as well. They can also be worn anytime without worrying much about the occasion. Enhancing one’s beautiful curves makes them cute and beautiful to anyone. These can also be paired with denim jackets, crop tops, oversized t-shirts, bralettes, off shoulder tops or anything else. They provide a summary look and give off cool vibes. Denim shorts can also be paired with  pair of black stockings for a prettier look!

5. Oversized t-shirts:

What can ever go wrong with oversized clothing? Especially oversized t-shirts? They look so comfy and also are the easiest to get in. One does not need to ponder much upon what should be worn with an oversized t-shirt as it can be paired with shorts, jeans, baggy or slim fit pants, straight jeans, leggings, skirts, and even can be worn over short dresses. They can be of any color, light, dark or somewhere in the middle. All look amazing when worn on almost any occasion as they can be your go to piece of clothing when nothing else comes to mind. These can also be worn at your home just to feel light and free!

6. Black jegging:

Jeggings can be quite comfortable to wear and also provide a smart look. These also accentuate the curves and give our bodies a bold appearance. Jegging can be paired with crop tops, shirts or t-shirts, jackets, bralettes, sweaters, hoodies etc. They can also be our go-to clothing item when there is not much time left for planning. They can be worn to occasions like parties, dates, movie nights, picnics or just for casual shopping as well. The color balck has been specified because balck is one color which goes with every other shade, so having a black pair of jeggings is quite essential. They also do not appear dirty easily, mainly because of their color so can be worn multiple times without requiring much washing.

7. Cigarette pants:

These are high waist, slim fit pants that give a professional look to anyone who is wearing them. These are especially good for office goers, they do not have to think much before wearing them as they go with almost everything, such as tops, shirts, kurtas etc. These pants have not gained much popularity as the other mentioned clothing items but are well suited for professional work settings. Oftentimes when we are in a hurry and cannot plan our outfit in a systematic procedure, these pants come to our rescue. One must have different shades of it, both pastel and dark colored shades. 

So, the best thing to do is to choose whatever suits you best or makes you feel like yourself. Here are several other options available and almost any other clothing item can catch your mind. The list above is helpful for those who can not decide what to keep in their wardrobes but also desperately need a few essential clothing items.

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